Dr. N O R E E N  J A C K S

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Welcome to my website, where you can discover God's design for raising godly children and enjoying a healthy family life. Let's journey together! Noreen

“Using her travels to
the Holy Land, her experiences of raising
four sons, and her biblical applications related to
the olive tree, Dr. Noreen
Jacks offers hope to all
who are struggling with
faith and parenting."

Carl Morgan, Senior Pastor
Woodland United Fellowship

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Struggling with your children? Want
to raise them right from the start? Promises from the Olive Tree provides ancient wisdom that works for you
and your family today. The Bible calls children "olive plants," who, with proper care, can become "trees of righteousness." Buy the book for yourself or as a special gift for a friend.

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 For 30 years,
 Dr. Noreen Jacks
has taught the Bible
with a passion for
the Word of God
and visions of hope
for those in need of spiritual restoration.

From conferences
to women's retreats, Noreen is available
to speak on a variety
of topics that will motivate and inspire your group to grow
in biblical faith.

  You've dreamed
of visiting the Holy
Land. Now, make
your dream a reality! Experience the
most meaningful pilgrimage of your
life. Join us in Israel.

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